Boxes of Bananas – God’s Provision.

I’ll admit I’m a fan of stories…the ones where God uses unfortunate situations to bless other people. A few days ago, my dad walked in my house holding a 40 pound box of GREEN bananas…yummy!  He set them down and I noticed that there were a few very YELLOW bananas in the green ones. It was odd as they were clearly ready to be eaten and the others were no where near ripe.


I had to know the story…because we don’t get deliveries of 40 pounds of bananas walking through our door often! Our friend Tim at Old Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard runs a food pantry. He just had a truck come in that had 5000 pounds of these green bananas. But that was only part of the original load of 120,000 pounds. A shipment had arrived in New York and been completely rejected because these bananas were ripening very unevenly. Can you imagine…all those bananas rejected because a few were riper than the others.

What I love is that rather than waste the whole lot, they were donated to a food ministry in Pennsylvania called Blessings of Hope. From there these green (now turning yellow) bananas made there way to various smaller food ministries where they will bless many families. Having been around food bank organizations for several years now, I will tell you that produce is gold. Most donations are canned or boxed dry goods. Quality fruits and vegetables have a much shorter shelf life so they are in more limited supply.


Yesterday my husband stopped by the Cupboard to load up our van with bananas. Today and tomorrow we will be handing them off to several families. Hopefully these will bless them and their freezers. I am thankful on many levels. I’m thankful for the company that donated and for laws that make it beneficial to do so. I’m thankful for the good people at these ministries who work long hours with limited resources, and I’m ultimately thankful to God from whom all blessing flow.


Notgrass America the Beautiful History Curriculum Review

Every once in awhile, I stumble on a book or curriculum that is truly special. You know the kind I mean. Its like the author climbed inside your brain and read your thoughts and then wrote a curriculum just for you. I’ve alluded to my obsession with curriculum and last school year was no different. I had an amazing array of books and resources already but was waiting for Notgrass to release the new edition of this history book. So, it arrived in June and wow…amazing. If I had bought this first, my curriculum purchases would have been much less!


Whats Included:

If you buy the package like I did, it includes the America the Beautiful text books (2 of them), We the People, a timeline book, a map book and an answer key. It targets 5th to 8th grade.

What I Love!

At first glance, spending about $100 for history seems a bit pricey. However, the part that I liked (as a mother of 7 who never has enough hours to plan everything) is the way the lessons are set up. Each lesson is relatively short…a few pages, followed by 4-6 assignments that cover Geography of the US (maps), Timeline, Bible, Creative Writing, Vocabulary, and Literature. As a parent, you can have your child do some or all of it. My 5th grade son read all the lessons and did the mapwork and timeline. If I hadn’t purchased other curriculum, he could have done the rest of the lessons and had a fairly complete school year with the addition of math.

My son enjoys history but doesn’t stick with a boring book. He loved this and never complained about history (well almost never 😉

This curriculum was very easy to use. It was self explanatory so I didn’t have to spend a lot of time helping him. We may use this same textbook again in 8th grade and do all the extra assignments we missed this time. We will be using other Notgrass texts in the future!

I would share any dislikes but this time there aren’t any.

Five stars
Find out more about this great curriculum here!