Critical Reaction by Todd M. Johnson – A Review

I grew up in a lawyers house. There are a dozen lawyers in my family. The love of law and justice flows through the veins. Growing up, our evenings were often spent with my dad discussing cases we heard about or things in the news. So, it’s no surprise that I enjoy legal novels. I rarely read them though because I haven’t had time to look for great authors that are authentic and exciting. After reading another book by this author a year ago, I’m glad I finally tracked down a copy of Critical Reaction. My poor husband will attest that I neglected the house the day I cracked this book open. He was greatly relieved when I finally came up for air after reading the final page.

critical reaction cover

The story centers on an old Hanford nuclear research center, long closed, that is still monitored for radioactive material until it can be torn down. While doing a routine job, inspecting and checking the facility, an unexpected explosion occurs injuring several workers which eventually leads to a spiral of events that causes doubt, suspicion and fear. Not knowing what chemicals he was exposed to, and finding no help from Hanford who only seems interested in limiting their liability, Kieran decides to purtsue legal action against the giant company with deep pockets and government contracts. What follows is a suspenseful, masterfully told woven tale of uncovering ever so slowly a carefully crafted web of Hanford’s deceit that threatens the lives and well being of anyone willing to expose the lies.

This book is for anyone that enjoys a legal thriller. Like a rollercoast of plot twists, this novel has all the elements of suspense and surprise that make for an exciting read. I highly recommend!




(This review is my own opinion. I received nothing in exchange. I’m thankful to my local library for offering such a great read!)